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How We Work At Sell A House Fast Ohio

Are you wondering, how can I sell my house fast in Ohio? You are in luck! We buy Ohio houses as-is in 3 simple steps. No realtors. No commission. No closing costs. No repairs. 

Welcome to the home of fast closes and seamless home buying process. Ready to get started? Get our cash offer at no cost now!


    We buy houses in Ohio in any condition. Get an easy and free quote today! Fill the form below or call us at (614) 333-0315.

    Sell Your House Fast In Ohio To Us


    We get to know about your home condition when you send us detailed property information


    You’ll get a call from us to set up a meeting based on your schedule


    We’ll evaluate your house meticulously and put together a fair all-cash offer 


    If you love our cash offer, we can close at a trusted title company in as little as 7 days without closing costs.

    The Next 24 Hours- What To Expect: We can send you a final cash offer within 8 minutes! But if we experience any delay, you will get it within a day. Send us details about your home, including clear pictures of what it looks like. A picture of your house showing the current condition will inform our evaluation. Finally, we’ll buy your house as-is and close fast after you accept our offer. You will get the cash for your home within 3 to 30 days. If you are unsure of how we buy houses, maybe visit our FAQs page for more digestible information.


    Sell My House For Cash Easily!

    Life is short– you certainly don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to sell an unwanted home. Hence, a realtor might not be the silver bullet for tricky real estate problems. That’s where we come in. We are cash buyers, not real estate agents. We buy houses in Ohio without using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Hence, we buy ugly houses, distressed properties, or any kind of Ohio home.

    As expected of houses for cash companies, we buy your home for cash directly. Sometimes we flip it or keep it for rentals, depending on the property and the best investment step at that given time.

    At Sell A House Fast Ohio, we’ve handled any situation you can imagine.  From experience, we can provide global real estate solutions to homeowners. You can bank on our simple home-buying process while selling your Ohio house for cash.

    As local Ohio cash buyers, we understand the workings of the real estate market at a super local level.

    How are we different from a local real estate agent?

    For one, we close quickly based on your schedule. Being a cash buyer also means we can make the complications of selling ugly houses disappear without a dime from your pocket.

    Our services are commission and charges free!  Another benefit of selling fast to a cash home buyer like us is that we buy houses. Finally, we’ll finalize the cash sale fast.

    How We Buy Houses For Cash In Ohio

    The sheer number of we buy houses companies is overwhelming. To make matters worst, all the cash home buyers claim they are the best for you. So, you wonder, what makes us different? How do we buy Ohio house for cash? We have a battle-tested home buying process. Consequently, we provide cash offers with ease. In three steps, you can have your house sold.

    • First, you call us or fill out our web form.
    • Then, we’ll contact you to get details and draft a written cash offer.
    • Finally, we close on the house at a reputable title company.

    That’s how to sell your home with our three steps processes. Buying houses in Ohio is all we do! No agents, no repairs, and it’s charge-free. We will send you a bid when you contact us. Wondering how cash companies work? We have answered some FAQs about our entire process. Let’s get you started with learning about how our services work!

    Check out answers to these FAQs below.

    Discover answers to these questions below.


    How can I sell my house fast in Ohio with your help? 

    We opted for a simple process for a sole purpose: to aid your comfort. Our procedure involves 3 easy steps with a no-obligation cash offer attached. Here’s a breakdown of our 3 steps procedure:

    That’s how to get a fair offer! It’s not rocket science. 

    We Offer Consultation Services While Buying Houses For Cash

    What factors influence your house-buying decision?

    We have a competent team of diligent professionals. They always deliver an accurate purchase price for houses. Having gone through this process repeatedly, our team runs it smoothly without hitches! We always offer a juicy deal knowing your home is a vital part of your life. 

    Our team aims for the strongest possible bid. But to achieve this, we need to know your needs in terms of

    Understanding these questions helps us formulate a befitting offer that hits all the right spots. All homes are different. Hence, we always consider your unique circumstances, median sale price on the home market and other variables to help you “sell my house” fast.

    How do we calculate the purchase price

    How much can I get for my house?” is one question we always expect from potential buyers. Everyone is eager to know, and we can’t blame them!  Offer drafting is essential to our “cash for my house” process. We boast the best possible cash offer you can get from any local cash home buyer.

    That’s because: we have a formula. Hence, to understand how we determine the fair price for your house as is, we’ll consider different variables that make up the formula.

    Let’s distill how we draft our offer. 

    Our Seamless Home Buying Formula

    For a detailed explanation, we’ll go over the four components of the formula.  First, the overall recipe is: 



    Now, let’s go over each part: 


    The After Repair Value (ARV) is the fair market value or the amount the house is worth after the fix-up. This is based on the assumption that the house doesn’t require any repairs. We’ll make a comparative market analysis of your home to determine the ARV.


    It’s the estimated cost of repairs. We like to be realistic while estimating repairs. We understand that we can’t always have an accurate estimate. Hence, we may discover new damages while fixing another damage. For instance, we may notice a hidden plumbing concern while repairing a home’s flooring. Be that as it may, we inspect the house thoroughly until we are confident that our estimate would reasonably cover the repair cost. 

    Transaction Costs

    We also consider the commissions, holding fees, and closing charges. Different costs make up the transaction cost. In the long run, transaction cost amounts to 15% of the total cost. 

    Minimum Profit

    Frankly, as local real estate investors, we can’t stay in business without making a profit. Consequently, minimum profit is essential because real estate is our business and how we cater to our family. We fixed 15% of the sale price as our minimum profit. However, we wouldn’t mind 10% whenever we need to incur extra expenses on repairs. 

    Our Cash Offer Formula

    Hence, ARV– 30%– repairs = You cash offer. That’s exactly how we calculate cash offers. Any offer price agreed on is the final cost price of the home. That’s what you’ll get after closing. With our transparency, you’d know what to expect! No surprises. 


    So, Sell My House Fast In Ohio Today!

    Can’t wait to discover the cash value of your house?

    The Details We Consider For Cash Home Sales.

    I need to sell my house for cash in Ohio, how long will it take?

    We buy houses Ohio!

    Our process is straightforward, and we endeavor to close as fast as possible. But our pace is dependent on you. If you want us to take our time, we’ll do just that. If you want a fast deal, we’re game. Just name it.

    We can get you an offer within 8 minutes or in a day. However, it would be contingent on an actual inspection of your house. Accept our offer, and our efficiency will blow your mind. We’ll get all the information our title organization demands, including our Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and purchase agreement. Any concerns will be addressed at this stage to avoid delays.

    Next, the title organization evaluates your title and transferability. We’ll sort out every title-related problem and all the paperwork. You can expect our team and contractors to walk your property for a thorough individual inspection at this stage.

    Now, your cash is ready! How soon can we get your money in your hands? As soon as you want. You can have your full payment in 7 days, provided we don’t encounter any difficulty during evaluation. An average transaction may close between 10 and 28 due to additional title concerns.

    Sell Your House As Is in Ohio.

    You don’t have to deal with the complications of a traditional sale. Let’s uncomplicate your selling process today!

    We buy houses as is and pay fair cash!

     Contact us to get a free cash offer now!